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My Name is Samara, I'm from Brazil. I have 19 years old, curse History in university. I am a fangirl, like girls and proud hufflepuff!

My Johnny Depp Blog

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Regina had a little too much wine..


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tng + tumblr (3/3)

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"The Make-a-Wish foundation made it possible for 10-year old Dawn, who has a life threatening illness, to meet Patrick Stewart backstage at Dragon Con this past weekend. He was about to speak to a packed room of 2,000 people, but they sat down and he focused on just her; they talked for about 15 minutes. As things were winding down and she and her family were getting ready to go, Dawn unexpectedly gave him this huge hug, and you can see the happiness in both their faces! Bravo Sir Patrick!"

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OUAT look at this. That is if you want to, no pressure.

They said ‘EW’ in response to Matt’s needlessly explaining Emma and Regina’s relationship.

When one SQ fan called out the ‘EW’ comment. They than played the victim card and called SQ bullies. Bullies?!

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My pictures with the OUaT cast at the Fairy Tales II Convention. 

as someone said previously, you are our hero for wearing those shirts. 



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Deanna Troi is my queen

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