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My Name is Samara, I'm from Brazil. I have 19 years old, curse History in university. I am a fangirl, like girls and proud hufflepuff!

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The internet’s most beloved geek, Wil Wheaton, calls out misogyny in gaming, and confronts the men who attack him for doing so. Incredible. 

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India replaces the Ice Bucket Challenge with the much more sustainable Rice Bucket Challenge 

After seeing the dramatic results from the Ice Bucket Challenge, Indian journalist Manju Latha Kalanidhi was compelled to start something similar, but with an Indian slant. “I felt like doing something more locally tangible. Rice is a staple here,” Kalanidhi told CNN. “We eat it every day, we can store it for months. Why not donate rice to someone who is hungry?”

It’s fairly simpleFollow micdotcom

Go off x1000000

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I got a chance to attend the Star Trek: The Next Generation reunion event at this weekend’s Chicago Comic Con and I wrote about the experience for The A.V. Club: Patrick Stewart wore a hoodie, Marina Sirtis and Gates McFadden talked feminism, and LeVar Burton discussed Geordie’s sex life.

Check out the full article here!

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Aw yay, they finally got married over the weekend!

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Melix Throughout The Years

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troi(s) times hotter than u a deanna troi fanmix

for the hot ass counselor who has to spend her days listening to u whiny plebes when she’s busy being so much better than u


beverlyjaneway im holding u to this :)

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